MICA Competitive Scholarship Portfolio 2017 Anna Huff

  • Untitled

    Red Oak and found stump. Fall 2016.

  • Untitled. Fall 2016
  • Arched Bench

    Ash. Fall 2016
  • Arched Bench. 2016
  • Video still from walking on "Memory of a Staircase"

    Salt Maple and Hardware. Spring 2016.

  • Memory of a Staircase. 2016.
  • It's OrganicĀ 
    9''x 7''x6''

    Steel and spray paint. Fall 2016.
  • ElephanTOYtus

    Plywood, steel, tires, sand, hardware, and plastic ball and cord for noise maker (inside cone). Fall 2016. "Epic Fail" collaborative class project designing a weeble-wobble toy for elephants at the National Zoo. My design was chosen for the final product and I was leader of the "Top Team" for constructing the steel cone.
  • ElephanTOYtus detail. 2016.