Tigers in my Yard

  • Tigers in my Yard
    This is a reaction piece I did after I read an article in bigcatrescue.org about exotic pets. In the article they talk about how is to have a big cat as a pet and explain how difficult is to do it. The article surprised me since I though that buying a big cat is something almost impossible. I began to investigate more about the topic and I realized that having a big cat in United States is actually easy; Basically you just need to have the money to buy it. Further than that, I found that actually there are more tigers living in captivity in the backyards of  the houses of United States than in the wild.
  • Tigers in my Yard. Explanation.
    There is a hug in the image that at first glance seems to be pleasant but is not. The tiger is not happy and his power is contained by the hug of the woman that more than love towards the animal is a selfish love. Her glance is a glance of property that at the same time awakes envy.
    For Asian cultures, tiger is the king of the animals and is usually associated with water. I put the scene surrounded by a storm of water as an amplification of its power however is contained by the frames of the illustration. The flowers on the scene are decorative flowers that can be easily found in ordinary gardens. The bird cage makes reference to the cage where this mighty animals are confined.

    Aesthetically I felt enchanted by woman and her figure and is something I have been exploring recently finding myself surprised by the power of the female figure. It has a touch of old Asian illustration. 
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