MICA Competitive Scholarship 2017

  • MICA Competitive Scholarship 2017 

  • Tokyo Typographic Conference / Typography 1 
    Tokyo Typographic Conference is a project advertising a conference in Tokyo through poster, schedule, and instagram. 

  • Through Thick and Thin / Self-Care Zine  
    Through Thick and Thin is a zine that gives you tips on how to relieve stress and take care of your body mentally and physically. 

  • Photo Pattern Series / Pattern Experimentation
    This Photo Pattern Series project is an exploration of patterns through images taken from photos mixed with shapes and bright colors. 

  • Texting? /  Student Collaboration Book
    Texting? is a section of a collaborative book made by students of the same class. This book make an attempt to explain the things we don't understand.  

  • What's In Your Makeup Bag? /  Product Shots focused Zine
    What's in Your Makeup Bag? is a zine that explores the different types of makeup people use and includes short interviews about people featured in this project.