MICA Competitive Scholarship 2017

  • Trigger
    In order to have a good set of moral principles, a person must be empathetic toward others. The purpose of this piece is to demonstrate to those who have not experienced sexual violence that dealing with sexual assault is a lifelong struggle, and even when a case has been settled the victim is still hurting. Personally, empathy and compassion are at the forefront of being an ethical person. When deciding what piece to create in response to ethics, I decided to create three-dimensional letters that spell out a quote (“I can’t forget, but no one remembers”) that will bring awareness and a sense of empathy for those who are survivors or who are currently struggling with ongoing sexual violence. 
  • She Wasn't Asking For It
    In this project, we were prompted to create a political two-dimensional piece that relates to our Baltimore taxonomy. After creating this political piece we had to place ten copies of our work in various areas of Baltimore that relate to your piece. I tackled the issue of rape culture within urban areas worldwide. When looking for a place to put up these stickers I looked for college campuses or places that receive a lot of foot traffic. I want to place some of these pieces in unexpected areas because there are so many victims around us all the time that we are unaware of. The reason I chose the open leg with scribbled out genital design is because I wanted to make people uncomfortable, just like those affected by rape culture, but I didn’t want to be too explicit. To relate this piece specifically to Baltimore I traced part of the Baltimore map and placed that tracing in the background.