MICA Competitive Scholarship 2017

  • Roof 
    Burnt Wood, PVC, Melted PlexiGlass, Thermoplastic, Candles
  • Roof 
    Burnt Wood, PVC, Melted PlexiGlass, Thermoplastic, Candles
  • Stove (For Plastic) used in Crying Car
    Wax cast of an engine part, structural support with burlap, candles

    Crying Car was an experiential piece of art which aimed to monumentalize the transposition from one location to another by connecting ancient practices of organ removal to automobile repair. The piece references the ancient ideology that the heart was entirely responsible for our thoughts and actions (the soul). I was more interested in the historic removal and ritual surrounding the heart, and wanted to apply the same concept to the “heart” of a car (the engine), preserving its essence in a solid block of plastic. 

    I found that the most effective way to boil the plastic was to use the heat of a candle. Given the nature of the materials I worked with, the middle of the woods in freezing temperatures provided an environment similar to the conditions the mold and cast would have to be in to cure properly.
  • Crying Car 
    Agar-based plastic (agar, vinegar, cornstarch, vegetable extract), glycerin-based plastic (vegetable glycerin, vinegar, cornstarch), mud, water

    The process of making a plastic replica of an engine. The cured cast will not be dug up for several more weeks. 
  • All of the Soft Things Spilling Out of Something Hard and Unloving depiction of Crying Car 
    Acrylic on paper

    Left: Depiction of blankets and camping materials stuffed in the trunk of my car
    Right: Depiction of the pot and fire used to cast the plastic. The visible part of the mold is depicted surrounded by darkness  
  • Crash (Love Cushion)
    Acrylic, ink, and charcoal on paper