Competitive Scholarship 2017

  • Competitive Scholarship 2017
    Maryland Institute College of Art

  • illustration, apparel design
    A collaboration with a fashion accessories start-up company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The satin scarf collection revisits nature, incorporating within the modern illustrative style and a vibrant color palette. Currently, the scarves are being produced in China. 
  • branding, type design
    A visual identity for a music festival in Baltimore, promoting jazz's rich history in Baltimore and inviting local artists to perform. Bold, bright and playful, the identity is inspired by the contrast and energy of jazz and developed to attract people of all age.
  • illustration, book arts
    Bicara Besar
    A collaboration with an Indonesian poet, Kezia Alaia. Hand-drawn illustrations were created as a visual response to selected poems, which are about self-discovery and questions on one's mind. More than a hundred books have been sold in book stores in Jakarta and second prints will be out this February.
  • illustration, motion graphic
    An illustrated and animated excerpt from Banana Yoshimoto's novel, Kitchen. Drawings are meant to be quirky and nostalgic, following the writer's tone and writing style.
  • typography, posters
    Poem Studies
    Multiple iterations of a poem written by Marcus Baldwin, a high school student in Baltimore. This was a collaborative project between art education graduate students, beginning graphic design students and high school spoken word poets. 
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