2017 MICA Scholarship Portfolio.

  • Stone Mugs 
    5"x3.5"x3.5" porcelain, various glazes and washes.
    Cast of a granite cobblestone from North Charles Street in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Inlay Mug
    5"x3.25"x5" glazed stoneware, beech, redwood. 
    Includes a fine wood inlay and a fancy handle to match. 
  • Purple Stripes Dining Set
    14"d x 7"h Stoneware, Tan speckle glaze, Purple Heart.

  • Warped wing 
    10'8"x2'x1'3" poplar and 3/8 in plywood.
  • Scale spiral
    26"x4"x6" Bamboo and 3/8in plywood with a walnut stand.
    A twisted 1/24 scale model of the wing of a P-38 Lightning. 
  • Canoe
    8'10"x1'4"x1'6" Oak and 3/8in plywood.
    The frame of a small canoe twisted and bent into something more aquatic.