People in Places

  • People experience their lives occupying space. Our spaces, even our adopted ones, speak to who we are just as much as the clothes we wear or the music we listen to.

    After working as a production designer on a local project, I wanted to explore people the same way we explore characters. Particularly, I wanted to focus on the chair. When designing the space of a fictional, abstract version of a person, the chair can be the summation of who that character is. It is an output of their wants, their reality, and their self-image. In what ways do real, more complex people place so much of themselves in the place they choose to rest? 
  • I asked friends and strangers to take me to their favorite spaces, and wanted the chair (loosely defined) to be as much as the subject as the figure herself. Following that, we talked about what made that place in particular special to them. Some had similar responses (a local playground is a stark reminder of what we can never really go back to) but most varied just as much as each particular individual.