2017 MICA Competitive Scholarship

  • Surveillance
    Cardboard, iPhones, plaster, acrylic, plant materials, fabric, astroturf.
  • Deterioration
    42" x 72"
    Yarn, fishing line, plant materials and roving weaving.
  • La Casa de Mis Padres
    56" x 64"
    Embroidery, acrylic, oil pastel, gel photo transfer and watercolor on silk chiffon.
  • Move on.
    36" x 108"
    Oil pastel, charcoal on paper.
  • Fashion designs for handmade textile.
    12" x 32"
    Marker, color pencil, gel pen, polyester mesh and tulle on paper.
  • Lunar Amplifier
    Wonderflex, 3D printed pendant, cord.
  • Rana Plaza
    Mesh, denim, organza, plant materials, embroidery.
  • Eco Jewelry
    Highlighter cap, pen cap, diamonds, beads, plant materials.
  • Cocoon
    Coconut tree husk, silver palm fronds, twine.

  • Bark Boot
    Tree bark and hot glue.