(THE MOST) competitive scholarship (also very yellow)

  • deeeeeeep downnnnn body thirst 
    A Gatorade commercial without sports 
    2D animation 
  • 9 to 5
    playing ping pong forever - 2 looping gifs
  • Lucky_You_final_final_fin_finalforreal_v2.JPG
    Trapped in the screen ! 
    3D rendering (type) and digital photo (computer) 
  • Luden's Cough Drops Custom Content 
    See them live here! From my internship at iStrategyLabs (Washington D.C.) 
    Digital Photos
  • Let's Make Taxes Easier 
    1040 forms redesign 
  • Ruffwear rebrand 
    Site Design (prototype) 
  • Ruffwear rebrand 
    Human Gear