The Entanglement • Identity & Animation

  • About the Exhibition

    The Entanglement was a flagship international collaboration to inspire young artists, coders, scientists, designers and hackers. An interdisciplinary collection of work showcasing ideas and forms that challenge and break traditional barriers which separate sciences and the arts.

    My brief was to: 1 Design the visual language for the exhibition; and 2 Create an introductory video for sponsor Science Gallery Bengaluru, a dynamic new space for engaging young adults at the interface between science and the arts.

    Slight disclaimer: I did not create the collaterals, though I did polish and finalise some of them. 

  • 1

    Visual Language

    It was decided to centre the visual language around the Arduino Board, an object not only rich in visual cues but also a metaphor for the intersection of science and art. There were also several being used at the event itself.
  • Logo

    The idea of a Penrose triangle fit perfectly with the word Entanglement. Inspired by the graphics of the Arduino, it was weighted according to the shadow on the three sides - light on the left, medium up top and heavy on the right.
  • Colour Palette​​​​​​​
  • Pattern System

    To add a sense of variety and originality to the experience while making use of the infinite possibilities of the language, I created a system for seamless and efficient pattern combination. 
  • Typography

    OCR B was the monospaced font chosen for its decipherability and distinct, monolinear letterforms. Since it also represented a tech/code perspective, the intricacy and stroke-width variation of Baskerville Italic contrasted beautifully, representing the art side of the event.
  • Moving Poster Sample

  • 2

    Illustration & Motion Graphics

    A 40-second animated video was created for the introduction of the soon-to-be-opened Science Gallery Bengaluru, one of the main collaborators for this event. The idea was to provide a glimpse of Bangalore; a city tour of sorts. The visual language was to remain consistent, so I used glitch to transition and subtle loops as the animation style for the video. 
  • Garden City & Silicon Valley
  • Beer + Chai & Masala Dosa
  • The Palace & The Weather
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  • Acknowledgements • This project was possible thanks to Ishita Das and Abhiyan Humane for the opportunity and direction • Love to the whole entire production team and the rest of the Entanglement team in Goa • Credit: The production team for the colour palette, banner, brochures and t-shirt • Music for the introductory video: 'Odyssey' Kevin MacLeod; Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 •