• This project I was able to work with Brooklyn Circus’s owner and creative director, Ouigi Theodore on how we could create a dynamic and changing anniversary identity as time continues for Brooklyn Circus’s 100-Year Plan. This plan is to change men’s image through classic American designed and styled apparel.

    I was tasked with designing a 10 year anniversary logo that would permeate every decade until the 100-Year Plan has been satisfied.
  • After working with a League Gothic, I found that it didn’t function as a beveled typeface as well as I’d like, so I decided to create my own. Using consistent width rectangles, I rounded the corners and lined up where I was going to cut the numbers (red lines).
  • Continuing with the styling the number forms, I applied two different shadow styles to give a three-dimensional illusion.
  • To visualize the ‘100 Year Plan’ I wanted to create a dynamic system of separate pieces of each number to visually show the upcoming and previous decades. As each decade arrives, they condense and solidify into one number – visualizing how far Brooklyn Circus has come per decade.
  • Variations of how the Brooklyn Circus identity is applied in relation to the anniversary logo.
  • This is the final rendition of how the BKc logo is applied. Being present yet small, increasing the importance of the anniversary logo and its relation to BKc.
  • Both solid and dynamic anniversary logos applied to clothing labels.
  • Both solid and dynamic anniversary logos applied to tote bags.