Dictionary of Harsh Words and Where They Dwell in

  • Dictionary of Harsh Words and Where They Dwell In (2017)
    How much harm can a few words do? Probably not much, kids will forget about it in few hours - the typical feedback we've heard growing up. However, verbal abuse can be quiet, repetitive, and unintentionally hurtful to one's self esteem and self worth. Sadly, it tends to get ignored or let go as it is not physical or apparent to the eye.

    This quick prototype of 'Dictionary of Harsh Words and Where They Dwell In' serves as a beginning of our degree project journey, guiding our research and inspiring our potential solution for this issue. The dictionary comprised of eight characters, each represented the common type of verbal abuse in a relationship, and words associated with their upbringing. This dictionary was a starting point to think of ways to raise awareness about the verbal abuse in children. It sparked us to investigate how to encourage and educate new parents to be conscious of their ways of expressing love.

  • Notes: This project serves as our initial experimental stage of the topic. The website therefore is not fully responsive. The content is not an absolute accuracy. You might encounter some sass while reading.

    This is the collaboration between Asama Sangiamkittikul and myself.
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  • Character design, each represents the simplified type of verbal abuse