Qualcomm Qronicles of Invention

  • Qronicles of Invention
    Visualizing Qualcomm’s extensive invention portfolio in an interactive timeline.
  • Qualcomm challenged us to showcase the company’s major contributions to the field of mobile technology over the past 30 years.  

    We created a web-based interactive timeline that tells Qualcomm's story of innovation. The Qronicles of Invention organizes and visualizes tens of thousands of patents, making Qualcomm’s entire invention portfolio accessible like never before. An algorithm ranks the importance of each patent and determines the size of each patent rectangle. Historical milestones provide context, connecting individual inventions with larger technological advancements. Users can search for specific patents or inventors, explore the stories behind important innovations, and see the impact and reach of each individual patent.
  • The responsive web app is fully functional on devices of all sizes, from smartphones to computers to multi-touch screens. Used by Qualcomm’s IP team, the timeline is displayed throughout the company's offices and prominently featured on qualcomm.com.
  • Qronicles has been featured in Information is Beautiful.