T H E M E M O R Y G A M E 추 억 의 오 백 원

  • T H E  M E M O R Y  G A M E
    추억의 오백원

    The image portrayed on the screen is Korean coin 500won.  Now economy shifts and changes caused value of 500won to decrease. I used to be able to use the coin to buy ice cream, candies, bread, get on the bus, and much more, but now I need at least five of 500won to be able to do all that. This piece takes me back to that time when I was able to play the arcade game with 500won. At that time that was happiness and 500won was valuable. Now it remains as infinite replayed memory in non functionable arcade box. It remains as the memory game. 
     I made this piece using method of joinery. Use of joinery method also addresses to how memory is taken apart and reconstructed through time. LED is controlled by remote control can stay in autoplay. (constantly changes color with adjustable speed)

    Title: The Memory Game
    Size: 15 X 26
    Medium: Wood | Plexiglass | Plexiglass | LED
    Sculpture Joinery piece