Skeptic's Digest Magazine Proposal

  • Skeptic's Digest: 
    publication proposal
    While anti-intellectualism is rampant and fake news is everywhere, Skeptic's Digest promotes the scientific method and evidence-based thinking. Content is based on real scientific research, translated into everyday language. This design includes a proposed internet browser plug-in as well, which could verify the reliability of your news.

  • science, simplified. 
    The magazine consists of five sections. The content of each section is color coded, for easy at-a-glance navigation. Plus, each section begins with a brief overview of the content to come, including anticipated reading time. No surprises, no wasted time. And most importantly, no fake news. 
  • skeptic's toolbox:
    browser extension 
    Skeptic's Toolbox is a digital application under the Skeptic's Digest brand. This extension has four main features: red flags tell you if traditionally unreliable jargon is being used; fact score lets you know how reliable an article is, based on citations and external references; highlights allow easy navigation to key content like study conclusions or sample sizes; and finally, the jargon translator puts industry jargon into layman's terms.

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    Created for MICA's Advanced Publication course, with guidance from instructor Lindsay Ballant.