The Weirdest Alphabet


    Using the strangest animals on earth, The Weirdest Alphabet is my way to approach to acceptation and also to open the concept of beauty in the viewers. I wanted to dedicate this book to the ones that are unpopular. The ones that look different and have another kind of beauty. 

    With this book I also wanted to put these animals closer to the public, I wanted to awake curiosity and understand that they also need to have cared. This book is like a door to introduce the viewers to the wonders of mystery nature brings.
    Because nothing is universally pretty, nothing is universally ugly either.

    Cover & Internal Pages
  • Illustrations

    I decided to use collage. I was thinking of portraying the animals in a funny way, looking for sketching out a smile on the viewer when they see the illustrations. Here are some examples.
  • Illustration Process.​​​​​​​
  • Sketches
    In the beginning, I tried many different options until I felt the direction was appropriated. Here are some samples.
  • Text
    Probably the hardest part for me but also the funniest. It was very frustrating to see the time passing by just to write few lines. It was very rewarding as well when I read them and laugh. Here some samples.​​​​​​​
  • Font
    I created a font to play with the concept I used. I wanted a font that looks strange. I am not good at lettering and I did not try to make it better. I just did it. Basically, this is the way I write, I just change the tool (bigger brushes or pointy elements.)
  • Thanks