Ease Beer

  • Ease Beer

    The name of the beer company is EASE. This company targets drinkers who live alone and/or enjoy down time by themselves. The main concept of the beer is that it is a mechanism of relaxation that one can appreciate by oneself. EASE is a perfect and delicious choice to an end of a stressful day at work, home cleaning alone, or just being a coach potato. EASE beer is not only a thirst quencher but a quiet and selfless companion. The six beers are numbered from one through six in order to help you keep track of how many beers you have drank. Also on the neck of the beer, there are various quirky and friendly messages on each bottle, allowing one to enjoy the beer’s humorous companionship. The typeface for the logotype is Copperplate Bold. It is a simple font with no extra embellishment, embodying the quiet and typical but comforting and much-needed alone time. The numbers on the label of the bottle is elongated and continues off of the label to personify one to let it all go, be yourself, and not be bothered by society’s standards. It is a beer, it is a friend, but mostly it is one’s solitude.