• TED Socks
    TED Talk Socks
  • 4.5"x 5.5" x 3/4" Packaging made out of Brown cardstock
  • Packaging and product line concept based on TED Talks series.
    Each Packaging and socks pattern are personalized to the talks.
  • The idea came from the time a friend sent me a playlist of TED Talks when I was feeling down, 
    and it really comforted me. I thought that if I had to make a product based on the series of talks, 
    it would be something that's as comforting as a pair of socks.
  • The packaging has an easy tear, so users don't need to struggle or tear apart the design when they open the socks
  • Each packaging has same format but different information and illustration of the speakers
    and the talks. On the back, there are title, speaker, summary of the topic, and a QR code
    that leads to the video page on TED talk website.
  • The imagery in the patterns is related to the topic of the talks the speakers are giving.
    Left to right: Brian Litte, "Who Are You Really? The Puzzle of Personality"; Dan Gilbert, "The Surprising Science of Happiness"; Andrew Solomon, "How The Worst Moments In Our Lives Make Us Who We Are"
  • sketches and iterations of this project