Low-Poly City Environment

  • Sparda
    (Low-Poly City Environment)
  • Initial Concept Art - Taking inspiration from the environments of Devil May Cry and Arkham City, mixing traditionally Middle-Eastern architecture with a very Western English flavor!
  • Wireframe roughed out! Kept it roughly around 1k polys so I could focus on my unwrap and painting textures! I changed the design a bit to work a little better in actually 3D space, and tried to simplify as much as I possible could.
  • Finished the first bulk of my unwrap! The brick texture on the first left tower is still placeholder-y, and I'm still working on painting in a background for after I put in the lights, that'll ideally reflect their directions. The snow was done using opacity maps along with meshsmooth on a plane and wrapping it around my geometry. Still exploring other options!
  • My first lighting pass! Not all the major lights are even in yet, but I'm already experimenting with ways to illuminate the windows. Bad practice!