Nine to Five

  • About Nine to Five

    According to a 2016 Gallup report 71% of millennials report that they are not engaged at work. Nine to Five is a suite of six satirical apps that helps young office workers fight back against disengagement by insulating them from the sterile office environment, distracting them from tedious work, and facilitating socialization with their colleagues.

  • Videos

    I developed the personas of three office workers and created videos showcasing their humorous interactions with the apps. 
  • Process

    I began the project by sketching out concepts for Nine to Five based on interactions office workers have with objects and colleagues in the office. These sketches became part of the storyboards that for the animations that showcase office workers using the interface.
  • Exhibition

    I also created an immersive office environment to exhibit Nine to Five. The exhibition featured the three videos looping on computers, classic office furnishings like water coolers and staplers, and a wall covered with office phrases.