Behavioral Health Visualizer

  • Behavioral Health Visualizer
    Connecting healthcare professionals to data-driven insights
  • How can doctors use the information they collect every day to better understand behavioral health and take care of patients with mental illnesses? Our new interactive for athenaInsight gives healthcare professionals access to data-driven insights into American mental health. 
  • In interactive visualizations like these, it’s easy to get lost in the staggering number of possible configurations. How could we ensure the audience found the most important stories? 

    We decided to guide users to key findings from the data with a menu that jumps to the 6 most important configurations. Custom copy was written to explain the key insights and offer additional context, but there were still 94 configurations of the chart with more stories to tell. We designed a method of generating insights from every configuration of the tool, working with copywriters at athenaInsight to algorithmically generate a human-readable insight for every configuration of the chart. 
  • Healthcare professionals access online resources in many different ways, so the visualization needed to be responsive. What about the busy execs who only read things on their phones? athenaInsight wanted to ensure that both C-suite execs and busy healthcare professionals could access the visualization at their convenience, whether on the big screen or on the go. 

    We addressed these concerns by programming a responsive page layout and universal interactivity that functions on screens of all sizes. We also use a color palette with high contrast, for better performance on older screen tech, black & white printouts, and color-blindness accessibility.
  • Looking at the data in new ways like this can improve our understanding of the healthcare system and give professionals the data-driven insights they need to improve care. We're working on additional visualizations and interactives for athenaInsight and look forward to sharing them with you soon. Head over to athenaInsight to check out the interactive and explore the data on behavioral health.