Your Worth (for Electronic Media and Culture)

  • There is a motto that I had trouble adopting in grade school despite reading about its major disadvantages and being given suggestions about how to better prepare myself. It would always appear as if I existed outside the needs of my own body, and that the intangible entity of my thoughts could sustain a whole session when and where I was required to work. For at least the past decade it has been a type of culture that is accepted by many modern students and even joked about and expected among them in a self-deprecating manner. This is especially true for those whose time management, while considered and planned, is still too nebulous to predict. However, it is important to go down this route as little as possible. While the quality of our grades and while the degree in which we complete things may seem crucial in the moment, it is okay to truncate your efforts if it means there is a better opportunity to get your body functioning in a proper manner. This shows that you are are being attentive. Plan and know that you are limited. I certainly need a reminder of it.

  • Your Worth - Terri Ogwulumba
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