Americanized Chinese Food for You

  • Artist Statement

    Since the 19th century, many Asian fusion restaurants have been taking advantage of Chinese food's growing popularization in the United States by modifying it in a negative way and claiming that the food they make is authentic. The misrepresentation of the food from my culture thus leads to people's confusion and judgements toward the authenticity of Chinese restaurants. The purpose of my project Not My Chinese Food is to raise people's awareness on the various Asian stereotypes and the cultural appropriation toward Chinese food by trivializing and revealing the absurdity of the racist packaging in addition to certain Americanized-Asian dishes. The multiple products in this project include posters and everyday life objects such as stickers, buttons, tote bags and 3D printed toys. 

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  • Americanized Chinese Food for You Poster
  • Americanized Chinese Food for You Poster on an Unauthentic Chinese Restaurant Building
  • Americanized Chinese Food for You Poster at bus stop
  • Not My Chinese Food Takeaway Box
  • Orange Chicken Tote Bag
  • Pot Sticker
  • Pass Me The Soy Sauce Button 
  • 3D Printed Unfortunate Cookie​​​​​​​​​​​​​​