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    Lead in Our Drinking Water? (2017)
    Google Maps API and Data Visualization
  • Living in Baltimore, the safety of drinking water is a big health concern. Lead, if exceeds the level limit of 15ppb (parts per billion) in tested water samples, can be life-threatening, especially to pregnant women and young children.

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    The informaiton in this website was manually curated from vareity of credible government's resources. Displayed as a map, readers are able to locate where the tested water spots are around Baltimore and its county. 

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    Layer Tube (2017)
    YouTube iframe API

    What would two YouTube videos on top of one another look like? Moving background adds dimension to the digital platform. Providing a place where people can test out the layered background while also having fun with it are what lead me to build this app: Layer Tube.

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  • For further development:
    There are several implementation I would like to add to enhance the flexibility of the app. First is a section that provide completed codes for the background; the users can copy and paste them on to their websites if they are going forward with the videos of their choosing. Second is the ability to search for the videos without having to switch back and forth between Layer Tube and YouTube tabs. Third is something fun: picking videos to play at random according to keywords.