Act On

  • An App for Action.
    Act On is an activism aggregator created in response to the deafening outcry of the American people since the election
    of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. The app allows users to personalize today’s political conversation
    and gives them a platform to organize it so that they are more inclined to take action outside of the digital space.
  • Personalization and ease are key to keeping people engaged and motivated to take real action outside of the digital space.
    In collaboration with activism organizations that have already established their causes and developed a following, Act On will provide
    users with all of the information they need to get involved in real world activism.

    Here’s how: 
    1. Users pick what they want to see. They choose from a list of topics to receive aggregated content based on. 
    2.Users pick who they want to hear from. All aggregated content will come from the organizations the user chooses to subscribe to.
  • Send On allows users to email digital postcards or download physical postcards to send to their
    representative in Congress asking for action on a specific issue. 

  • If you're going to a march or a rally you need a sign! March On offers a variety of signs with different
    messages that users can download, print out and take to events.

  • Exhibition
    The exhibition highlighted the digital action elements of the app in a physical space.
  • An iPad was provided to allow users to search for their Senator’s contact information and use that information
    to send a postcard requesting action in the Senate.