• Outlier: Self Portrait.
    Illustrator + Photoshop, 2017. 
    My life has been a juggling act of dualities, from Korea to the US, from Speech and Debate to Art, from Illustration to Graphic Design- in many ways, I’ve never felt I truly belonged in one particular place. But this dual life, I feel, has opened more opportunities in my life.
  • Final Product
  • this photograph of my father was the inspiration for a self portrait composition + content. 
  • Ideation + Mood
  • Preliminary Asset Sketches
  • My figure consists of no curved lines, only angular vectors. 
  • using Photoshop, the atmosphere, environment, + subject placement is established. Symbols + icons that will be used in the final design is made using Illustrator. I also map out a reference model for accuracy + consistency in the final design. The other robots are illustrated in Photoshop. Below are my past work that will be in the final piece.
  • Automated Corporate Unimates + Figure Design/Reference