Knorr Ballerina One

  • Five Versions :  Sevnty Seven Iterations
  • Knorr Ballerina was part of a group of images that were made with a 72 hour time constraint. The goal was to produce works that would build form in an economical fashion, quick and simple. The visual contents were part of a pre-selected image set that included Chinese food packaging, a figure that was reminiscent of a Degas, some Asian calligraphy and a cartoon monkey. 

    The lighting that happens to the figure is a direct result of integrating the text. I was wholly unexpected and transformed the ballerina’s presence into something reminiscent of a Degas. This re-energized the piece and instigated all of the changes that make up the final state of the work.

  •   --------------------------------------------------  COLLECTION DÉCORATIVE  --------------------------------------------------  
    Knorr Ballerina    |     Phoenix 341      |    Monkey Three    |    Octo 
  • Version One Iteration One

  • Version One Iteration Nineteen

  • Version One Iteration Thirty One

  • Version Four Iteration Three

  • Version Two Iteration Three

  • Version Two Iteration Seven

  • Version Three Iteration Four

  • Version Six (Recombined) Iteration Ten (Final)