With My Past I Will Build My Future

  • With My Past 
    I Will Build My Future
    A tool box that will build me the place I dream of
    From the pieces of bittersweet nightmares I clutch on until now
  • one. do it, open it.
  • two. the door to files, carving knives, and chisels that are yet to be placed
  • three. a love letter to _____.
  • four. when i was three, i had three who loved me dearly, and i was free
  • five. open it, dig further.
  • six. it's heavy. it's rusty. use them still.
  • seven. your right foot, pivot.
  • eight. what would you be if you were empty?
  • nine. those slots were made for them.
  • ten. your left foot, charge.