The Princess Bride Digital Cover

  • A digital cover design for "The Princess Bride" by William Goldman. The cover features an interactive map which is also accessible while reading, showing the paths each character has taken at your point in the story.

    Being a visual learner, I've always enjoyed when printed books include maps of the character's worlds. What if there was an e-book experience that allowed you to follow the character's movements on a map? The Princess Bride digital cover is how I envision digital tools to enhance the reading experience.

    My process involved visual research for the illustration style and research into the storyline of The Princess Bride. I created story boards for the animation and roughly sketched how it would look from beginning to end. I created the illustration and typeset the book copy, then animated each part. The only parameter for this project was to represent the book cover's interactivity in whichever way fit best (I chose an animation).

    This project was completed with the guidance of Isaac Gertman and Hieu Tran at the Maryland Institute College of Art in the Fall of 2016.