• Our culture is one that is filled with objects. They are integral to our everyday life, relationships, and understanding of the world, and are often embedded with meaning beyond their simple function. Every object has a story to tell about the time and culture in which it exists. They also speak to permanence or impermanence: some are created to be consumed and discarded quickly, some are used for years or decades, but no object can exist forever.
  • Another World on Earth looks at seven significant objects, imagining their discovery by a civilization in the distant future. To these people, the objects are completely foreign and the culture from which they originated are unknown. They therefore interpret the objects with no context and only their own pre-conceived notions to guide them.
  • This exhibition creates an environment for the objects that takes them out of their familiar context. This is enhanced by additional designed elements, including a typeface, catalog, and wall graphics, which also aim to make the familiar strange. The design tells a story about this future civilization (and the fate of our own) through writing and aesthetic elements.

    This project seeks to realign how we view objects and design, itself. Through the lens of a possible future, we may see a clearer picture of our own culture.