Museum of Alternative Facts

  • Museum of Alternative Facts
    Location: Washington, D.C.

  • Facts and truth are subjective, right? At the Museum of Alternative Facts, facts are never questioned or disputed, but rather universally believed and accepted. MoAF solely presents exhibitions based on falsehoods or commonly believed rumors and conspiracy theories. After all, what is the responsibility of institutions to provide the truth to the public and should the public always believe everything they see in museums?

  • Exhibition Posters
    Forthcoming exhibitions include topics such as Trump's Inauguration (the largest in history), the Commander-in-Chief (and his unprecedented stability and genius), and the Border Wall (that Mexico has so generously agreed to pay for).

  • Museum Store
    Various items are available for purchase in the museum store, including prayer candles commemorating the horrible events that took place in Sweden on February 17, 2017, and buttons for those wishing to stand in solidarity with the survivors of the Bowling Green Massacre. Also available are stickers featuring MoAF's iconic red asterisk. Visitors are encouraged to take the stickers and apply them to declarative statements encountered in everyday life, thereby subverting the truth and creating more alternative facts.

  • Museum Trailer
    Promotional trailer for MoAF that shows the personality and versatility of the red asterisk in different applications.