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  • Time Capsule Museum
    Location: MIT, Cambridge, MA 

    The Time Capsule Museum connects our past and the future. Here, people encouraged to store their valuable things, and the museum will collect and display those personal collections submitted by participants like a huge time capsule. The museum will open every 20 years to display that memory who has been sealed.

  • Logo Concept
    The logo combines the digital clock symbol ":"  with the letter "T" to signify the concept of the time. ​​​​​​​

  • Exhibition: Lost in Time

    After 20 years, we are excited to reveal time capsules placed in the Time Capsule Museum in 1997. This exhibition will display 251 time-capsules containing letters, CDs, postcards, newspapers, photos and more. The exhibition presents 2,879 personal collections, each telling a story, the memory of a person waiting for you to explore.

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