Asia Team 2017 Group show – "My Inspirations"

  • Asia Team 2017 group show 
    "My Inspirations"
    Who is your favorite artist? Who inspires you and your works? 
    This year, we have asked our artists to create new works inspired by their favorite artists. We are proud to present this gallery that showcase not only the new works from our talented Asia Team Artists but also the Masters that inspired their works. 
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    Anita Yan Wong (Founder & Curator, Asia Team Behance)

    Artist Akira Yonekawa created this awesome new piece honoring the works by the master of Manga and Animation – Osamu Tezuka (1928-1989)
    Osamu Tezuka found his inspirations from Walt Disney and Fleischer Studios, Inc and established the expression technique in "Shin Takarazima". Combining cinematic composition with symbolism specific to the comic, his technique became the de facto standard of Japanese comics. He drew more than 150,000 pages of manga in his lifetime!
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  • Title: Astro Boy '51
    Artist Akiko Homma created this elegant new painting, titled "a flower eater", inspired by her favorite artist Carlo Crivelli. 
    "I found the women of his paintings both mysterious and attractive." – Akiko Homma
    Carlo Crivelli (1430–1495) was an Italian Renaissance painter, he developed a distinctive personal style that contrasts with that of his Venetian contemporary Giovanni Bellini.
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    Ying Wei is a Chinese Artist creating digital imaging and sculptures. He is a master of digital Zen and the owner of Ying Wei art studio. Check out these wonderful new works by Ying Wei! The artist is inspired by Anselm Kiefer, Francis Bacon, 黄公望, sculptor Brancusi, Giacometti and Karsuyo Aok. Ying Wei hope to create a new cosmopolitan art language that speaks to many.
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    Artist Antonius Bui created these wonderful drawings inspired by Indian Madhubani Painter Mannish Jha. 
    "I had the honor of learning from her during my study abroad semester in India." – Antonius Bui
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    Artist and Picture book writer Yasushi Muraki created these wonderful character illustrations inspired by both writers, artist, designer and authors. Find out how the stories came alive in Yasushi's illustrations and where he find his inspirations! These are a few that inspired Yasushi: Dick Bruna, Raymond Savignac, Eric Carle, Gomi Taro
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    Kayan Kwok is a Hong Kong based artist, illustrator, graphic designer and founder of "akeke". She created these amazing collage and animation inspired by Human Anatomy, Pin ups and American Vintage advertisements during 1920 to 1960s. She has been doing a project called “ A poster per day for 365 days ” by making a poster per day till it hit 365 days!
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    Artist Anita Yan Wong, founder of Asia Team Behance, created this new painting inspired by both Western Impressionist painter Claude Monet and Eastern Lingnan master Chao Shao An and 辛鵬九. Hummingbirds has never appeared in Lingnan style paintings because of its unique geographic distributions, there are no hummingbirds in China. 
    "I think this painting is a subtile reflection of me. I am an artist trained in both traditional Chinese painting and Western painting that lives in California"
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