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  • Rán Cosmetics

    Rán is a Chinese cosmetic brand that supports sustainability and natural beauty. All the products would be made in China and China would be the primary market.
    It was inspired by the industry problem in China, the problem that everything is "made in China". In order to produce products with the lowest price for industries, like fast fashion, some Chinese factories have to use the worst methods. The factories contain toxic chemicals that harm both the environment and the health of the workers. These workers do not even earn the minimum wage. For example, in a jean factory, one worker would only earn 5 US cents for dying a pair of jeans. The toxic chemicals would give these workers cancer, and after 3 to 4 years, they would not be able to do heavy duty work anymore.

     Rán is the Chinese brand that has the factory that is both good for the workers and the environment. It uses natural ingredients and harmless methods to produce.