Fantasy Warrior Project

  • "Beware ye who ventures to the Eastern Woods. For there lies a creature of no mercy that the common folk call The Griffin. Aye, but t'is no winged beast ye will find, but a man or perchance a woman, who wears a mask so frightening ye would have wished to wrestle a true Griffin instead. Young adventurer, I beg thee to find another bounty, for The Griffin will only take you as theirs." 

     -Pose inspired by CD Project Red's Vernon Roche Gwent Card  
  • "In golden plate she did thrust the sword Blazeguard deep into the head of the Griffin Phaenon, who had claimed three dogs, five guards, two farmers and seven chickens."
  • "Ha! Shield Maidens are just a bunch of wenches with toy swords who--" -Gregoir Son of Hamden, last words before Kelpi, Shield Maiden to Loaron beheaded him.

    Piece inspired by the Cahir CD Project Red Gwent Card, originally made by Lorenzo Mastroianni

  • " Pink Plate? There be no such thing as pink plate! What fool would wear pink plate?!"  - Anders Woluf before his tongue getting cut off by Saoirse The Crimson 
  • "Beware the mud serpents of the infamous Swamp Hollow, they'll nab ya quicker than a fox nabs a chicken. Better take a Avairi Warrior with you- expensive, but worth every gold piece."
  • “Hatred and prejudice will never be eradicated, and witch hunts will never be about witches - to have a scapegoat, that’s the key. Humans always fear the alien - the odd. Once the mages had left Novigrad, folk turned their anger against other races, and as they have for ages, branded their neighbors their greatest foes.” -Witcher: WH3
  • " Do not venture to the Snow Veil Dales. For the very second you think yourself alone and safe, ye aren't." 
  • "Wolves aren't as bad as they're made out to be. Werewolves, though — they're every bit as bad and worse."
  • "The best tactic when meeting a dragon is to pray to all the gods with no exceptions. Atheists should run - they can thus extend their lives for a few heartbeats. It must be stressed that any of these choices would end in death when made by an amateur."
  • "Beware the devil that sleeps are your feet, be ever wary."
  • Ma'at Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Balance and Justice