Lonely Organs part 1 - [Deformed]

  • Lonely Organs part 1 - [Deformed]
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  • About the project [Lonely Organs] -
    Lonely Organs, a project consists of three animations: Deformed, Silent, and Empty, is my thesis project as a student in MICA. It is a conversion of my personal experience, a metaphor of the relationship between other individuals and I.
    “We each search for something beyond ourselves: a voice, a touch, or an interaction with another individual. We speak, we listen, we watch, or we sense the existence of others; but eventually, we face the world alone with only ourselves. We are lonely and at time harmed, but eventually we can heal naturally. We can lose our sorrow, and learn that despite our loneliness or sorrows, life goes on.”

  • About the animation [Deformed] -
    In this animation, one head pleasantly talks to other heads. At first they are all happy, but suddenly, for no apparent reason, the head is attacked! His appearance changed forever.
    We enjoy talking friends, family, and acquaintances and we believe they enjoy our company, but one day we realize that someone close has caused us harm with ugly words. We may become strangers or even enemies, but there’s nothing that can be done to change things. We could become angry, be a monster and return the harm, but we can also look at ourselves and remain as we were. What would you choose to be?
    A film by Aimee Chang (A ee mi)
    Sound designed by Hen
    Cinematography assisted by Terry Sun

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