Design + Startups

  • Design + Startup is a coding project where we were to create an event that relates to issues in the design world today that we’re interested in. After researching and thinking about different issues I’d like to design for, I came to the trend of the increasing numbers of start ups emerging and how much design plays into these businesses. We were to ‘invite’ 3 speakers that were able to speak for our event. I designed four pages for the website; the homepage, the about page, the speakers page and the schedule. The whole website followed a gradient theme with some pages having a clear hero image spanning 100% width and height.
  • Left, a section of the about page featuring information about the event and its venue as well as a quote relating to the event. Right, a section of the speakers page which echos the homepage with its layout except it is colored, giving more information to the speakers. Below each page, there is a call to action button where it leads to a related page that could then connect the whole website together. Such as the speaker page ends with a link leading to the schedule page — as naturally people may want to see the schedule after learning who is speaking at the event
  • The homepage features a sneak peak in who is speaking at the event and it shows a quote by the speakers on the subject. Playing with how black and white images could blend into the colored background, hovering on the speakers allow the blending mode to change. It was a fun experiment to code and try out.
  • It was fun being able to design the hierarchy of all the different information of the schedule and then recreating it through code with the line and circles leading the eye.
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