Utopia in Dystopia

  • Utopia in Dystopia GIFs are based on mental health issues. 
    Digging into how I actually feel instead of categorizing it.

    A short narrative thing out of these - Title Untitled (01:56).
  • Picking up the Pieces
  • I Live in where my soul at
  • Puzzling Perceptions
  • Multiple Concentration 
  • Awarenesses Awaken
  • Align it up
  • Pencil Pinch Pain
  • A Thought from the Back
  • Night Digging
  • Rocking Calm on the Trojan
  • Menmory Swing
  • Things Aren't what they a Pear
  • Unpredictable Repeating
  • Mood swing
  • Box of Melancholy