Constructor Book (based on Archer Book)

  • the Constructor Book (based on Archer Book)
    A Modular and personalized typeface derived from an existing font.
    Illustrator, 2017.

    using the font family Archer Book as a starting point, my objective with this project is to identify reoccurring/prevalent systems within the font, and reinterpret it with more emphasis.
  • Analysis and System Identification of Archer Book

    the first step is to identify reoccurring shapes and forms within the font. I noticed the type face’s repeating blocks + bulbs. Using Illustrator + paper cut outs, a new pattern emerges. A modular-like pattern of the alphabet is revealed.

  • Type Face experimentation variations
  • Identification of unique system- Modularity 
  • Specimen Poster

    I created a new yet similar font based on the studies so far and organize its display into a specimen. Simplifying + condensing the modular pieces into 4 forms persisted to be the biggest obstacle.
  • Metaphorical Image 1

    I then captured familiar + representative shapes in myeveryday environment, focusing on the typeface’s block like features. 
  • Metaphorical Image 2
  • Experimental Composition 1

    next, I abstract the shapes and juxtapose them into different structures.

  • Experimental Composition 2
  •  Final Poster Product

    organize the custom interpreted font into a culminative poster. This poster consists of the many typographic studies done in the process. A challenge during this phase was balancing each  component into the poster. 
  • Photo Documentation
  • Final Specimen Booklet

    finally, continue to convert + reinterpret the poster design, concluding as a zine. The typeface is applied into an informative book format.