Jayde Xu | Illustration Portfolio

  • Self Portrait with Ugly Sweater Collection
    Digital Illustration
  • Drawings of La Bombonera
    Mixed Media: Ink pen on toned paper & digital collage
  • Op-Ed Illustration for Mark Galeotti's New York Times Article 
    "Who Needs Assassins When You Got Hackers?"
    Mixed Media: Ink & Digital Coloring
  • Poster for Julius Caesar
    Mixed Media: Oil Pastel, Acrylic Paint & Digital Collage
  • Spread from Visual Journalism Book: 
    Study of Fragonard (top) & Drawings of Christine Neill (bottom)
    Mixed Media: Graphite Pencil, Watercolor & Digital Collage
  • Spread from Visual Journalism Book: 
    Juxtapositions of Western Improv & Eastern Traditional
    Mixed Media: Highlighter Markers, Conte Pencil, Watercolor & Digital Collage

  • Sichuan Spice SCREAM!
    Digital painting in Photoshop
  • Foraging and Gathering Fantasy World
    Digital Illustration in Photoshop