The Cost of Consumption

  • The Cost of Consumption sheds light on the impact of human plastic and seafood consumption on coral health. Viewers are encouraged to think critically about how much they consume, and are given resources to lessen plastic usage and make more sustainable seafood choices. By 2050, corals worldwide are projected to have died out. Will your consumption make that date come sooner or later?

    Tasked to create anything involving coral reefs, I chose an activist approach to my project by making and placing coral sculptures (covered in expiration date stickers) around a grocery store, plus handing out informational cards bearing information on overfishing and plastic use. I made the coral sculptures by hand, created the Cost of Consumption logo, and set the layout of recipes and nutrition labels with researched information. This project was exhibited as a part of Rice University’s Art & Environment Spring 2017 class, under the guidance of Adrienne Correa, Lina Dib, Maureen Haver, and Tony Day.
  • Receipts with plastic consumption information
  • Nutrition labels with overfishing information