Hard Hat - Exhibition & Print Design

  • "Hard Hat" is an interactive exhibition of uncomfortable headwear at The Walters Art Museum, where visitors can see and rate selected hats from most to least comfortable. I created a walk-though guide that included a scale of most to least comfortable headwear, accompanied with a rating card. I also made mockups to envision my text and collection, using actual images of the Walters Art Museum.

    This project is a result of choosing any 10-15 pieces from the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, MD, and making an interpretive from this self-curated collection.
  • Detail of hard embossĀ 
  • Color scheme, exhibition mockup, and booklet front
  • Interior
  • Detail of rating system & rating card
  • HATS OFF! (Interior detail)
  • Gradient scale detail
  • Mockup
  • Process Work