Town Square & Restaurant

  • The site is located in the Remington neighborhood of Baltimore, which is undergoing a revitalization effort. The lot across the site is being developed into an apartment complex and retail store. This project proposal is for a town square park and restaurant.
  • There is a high volume of vehicular traffic coming off the highway on 28th Street. By having the building and outdoor dining area face towards the oncoming traffic in a T-shape, the site becomes a landmark and point of interest. To further the street-side appeal, the bar with 2-floor cascading interior water feature is positioned on the street-side as well. The stepped-down outdoor dining area has a metal sculpture with water feature to counteract the noise from the traffic, so to add a layer of intimacy to the inner park area and create a connection between the restaurant guests and the outdoor space. By elongating the building along the east side, there is an open space and more comfortable pedestrian traffic flow between the two points of interest: the restaurant and the developing apartment complex. This is important for creating a sense of leisure, fun, and relaxation in the busy, urban environment.
  • Analytic Diagram Showing the Order & Form

    The building design is composed of one vertical shape intersecting and cutting from a horizontal mass. The relation of these two elements is created with the boundaries of the site in mind.
  • Analytic Diagram Showing Areas of Relaxation

    By creating a rhythmic series of ramps, bamboo gardens, and sculptural seating, areas of tranquility are created while enticing visitors to enter and circulate the park and restaurant.