Smartisan Website Redesign 2

  • Smartisan Website Redesign

    Smartisan Technology Co., Ltd. (Smartisan Technology) is a company that creates mobile devices. Smartisan Digital Co., Ltd. (Smartisan Digital) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Smartisan Technology, whose business focuses primarily on the sale of digital products and providing related services.
    Our mission is to draw upon a spirit of artisanship and perfectionism to create consumer electronic products (primarily smartphones) that offer a first-rate user experience, and to improve people's quality of life.The English name "Smartisan" is a portmanteau of "smart" and "artisan," signifying "artisanship in the smartphone era."In the Android™ smartphone field, where there is a lack of innovative spirit and ability, our team stands out for its exceptional talent both in the design of graphical user interfaces and user experience and in the industrial design of hardware.Smartisan Technology was founded in May, 2012, and Smartisan Digital was established in June, 2014.
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    I first did this redesign project back in 2016, and after nearly two years of learning and watching so many other great art works which inspires me a lot, I decided to redo this project again to remix those great thoughts that I've gained through time.

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