Forest Lines - Characters and Development

  • Final design for the player character. 
  • A little gif as an example of how the character glows when using skills and powers. The different colored highlights would indicate which power is in use. In this instance, it is Breath. 
  • Here's some silhouette exploration for the player character. I was pretty inspired by the imagery of Journey, Abzu, Hyperlight Drifter, and the shrines in Breath of the Wild. I wanted my player character to be a bit more geometric, because he's from an ancient place buried far underground, versus the forests of the rest of the game, which is significantly more organic in visual language. I wanted him to contrast with the other character and the accessible locations of the game. 
  • I took two of the more successful silhouettes from above and made some variations on them, to see what would work best. In the end, I went with a mix of the first set, because the player character accesses their powers via physical contact to specific surfaces around them, and I wanted to emphasize that contact. That design also served the highlights of the player when they're in and out of whatever power a bit better. 
  • The Merchant is an ever so slightly uncomfortable seller of goods who keeps all his quality products under his coat. He appears in two different ways depending on which location you meet him in. 
  • Silhouette exploration for the merchant. I wanted him to be kind of... plant-ish? or naturalistic may be a better term. 
  • Some silhouette and color variations for the merchant.