Narrative Color

  • These images are part of a study to think of color as a means of narration. There is a focus on color pallets and non-representative color uses. Most of the work was completed in gouache, with some color pencil and digital work. 
  • This assignment had everyone begin with a 100% cadmium red diamond somewhere in the composition. The diamond had to both exist in the space and be the focal point without using any other out of the tube colors.
  • This quick digital study was based on the prompt "A Hero Returns". I was inspired by the scene in The Odyssey when Odysseus finaly returns in secret to Ithaca. I sought to capture a quiet and heavy feeling through my color decisions. 
  • These 20 minute gouache portraits were painted observing our classmates with arbitrary colors.
  • This 20 minute gouache observational painting focuses on exaggerating colors in nature.
  • This chart focuses on mixing paint to capture hue and value.
  • This chart focuses on constructing a variety of color pallets.