Womb Rebirth

  • Womb Rebirth, 2017

    Performance, Duration: 3 hours  
    Installation & Sculptural Objects from Rebirth Series 
    Multimedia site-specific installation, dimensions variable
    Portaits of People We Love Exhibition at MICA PLACE

    A multi-sensory celebration of rebirth activated by cleansing self with healing water and ancient feminine ritualistic practice. The gallery space is transformed into the metaphorical womb. My self-portrait, a video projection created from my x-rays, entitled Womb Cave sets the intention for restorative healing. This work reflects upon when self love was new to me. I have created permanent sacred space, where self care is key. I am proud of: who I am unapologetically, caring for self, loving self unconditionally, living life with passion and purpose, embracing the freedom to be me. The performance incorporates healing of past injuries, as I let go of visceral memories, while gifting others small tokens and gestures of love to cherish and reflect upon. I’ve fabricated sacred sculptural objects to engage with including: a womb shield encrusted with quartz crystals, and a headdress adorned with delicate paper flowers serving as armor for the mind. I was forced to embrace a mode of self-care after recent traumas inflicted through physical and sexual assaults to my body and after being hit by, and bouncing off of the hood of a car. Since then, self love has become my key to liberation. Like so many others, who feel displaced in an uncaring world, I now love myself, and reenter my own womb.

    "When a flower doesn't bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower." - Alexander den Heijer