• 蜉蝣
  • 獻給今天還未死去的所有人
    The book is dedicated to all living people
  • Silent
  • Passing away
  • 回溯
  • 鬚臾
    Very short time​​​​​​​
  • 鬢如霜
    Silver temples
  • 殮    妝
    Encoffining      Making up
  • 白事
    Funeral affairs​​​​​​​.
  • 白綢掩面
    Burying face with white silk.
  • 没而不朽
  • Funeral procession
  • Mourning
  • 事事循舊
    Everything is circular.
  • 夏之日,冬之夜,百歳之后,帰於其居。
    Summer days have scorching sun.
    Winter nights are dark and long.
    After I die
    In hell we’ll unite.
    Long are winter nights.
    Hot are summer days.
    The same fate have I.
    We’ll meet in Hades.

  • I have heard many news of death of friends’ friends or relatives during this period. Such sad atmosphere, accompanied by colder and colder weather, reminded me of the first funeral that I participated in my life. It was in a snowy winter that my grandfather passed away, which was a very sad memory for a little girl. The inspiration of book originates from my grandfather’s funeral. It mainly tells a story of protagonist mourning relative in the funeral. The traditional Chinese funeral and poetry are combined and the slow scene expresses the sadness. The book is dedicated to all living people. As life is short, I hope people may cherish people around them. The dead people are already gone forever, we have to move on with our lives.