• Whartscape Z010
    Limited edition, Wham City style t-shirt for 5th annual Baltimore summer music festival – 2010
  • KA-BOOM!!! (Or should I say WHAM?!!) It's Whartscape time again! What's WHARTSCAPE you ask? Well it's only the most exhilerating music festival ever. In it's 5th (and reportedly final) year Whartscape has grown from a small, underground, police-evading, Baltimore music gathering - to an epic beast of sheer awesomeness that brings out artists, musicians, (and yes - especially hipsters) from every nook and cranny of the city and beyond to enjoy Bmore's bursting music and arts scene. Even the teenagers from the county will be coming out in droves to crowd surf over the course of what will be a 4-day festival this year. Co-organized by Wham City founder Dan Deacon, this year's Whartscape is sure to be the best yet.

    This year (my 4th year in attendance) I was given special permission by Dan Deacon himself to "do whatever I wanted." So with that I designed a t-shirt! This shirt will be available for purchase directly from me on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the festival. These are a limited edition. Once they are gone they are gone!

    So although this is the last year of Whartscape, be sure to commemorate it by buying a sweet t-shirt. And not to worry, I'm sure Dan Deacon and Wham City have something planned to replace Whartscape next year... word on the street is that it will be an outdoor event complete with camping. Oh baby.

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